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We need 80% herd immunity. We only need 9% more to either catch the bug or get vaxxed to get us past this crud. That can be either 625,000 more COVID cases or 625,000 more vaccinations. You (the unvaxed) can choose which you prefer. You will be the ones getting it, either way.

Where is the voice of the church in the midst of a crippling pandemic? In the end, not only am I deeply, deeply disappointed in the actions, or lack of actions, of my fellow man, I am more disappointed in the lack of leadership from the church. This has been a real eye-opener.

Now is not a good time to host a music festival followed by a NASCAR playoff race with the Washington County Fair in between. If you go to these events, think of our medical professionals who would love to go to a festival or a race. Stay safe so we can make that happen for them.

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In the year 2000, the United States essentially claimed victory against childhood diseases, eliminating measles and making the prevalence of other childhood diseases, such as mumps, extremely rare. Today, we are losing.

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