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Supreme Court

When Franklin Roosevelt tried to “pack” the Supreme Court in 1937, he was shut down. President Joe Biden, who is a student of history, and of FDR, should learn from the mistake.

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Year after year, the Lion’s Club sets up wire-frame Christmas decorations on the lawn of the historic Jackson County courthouse, facing Main Street in Brownstown, Indiana. This led to yet another “Christmas Wars” dispute, with the recent Woodring v. Jackson County court decision.

An emotional federal Judge James P. Jones on Tuesday sentenced former BVU Chief Financial Officer Stacey Pomrenke and her husband, former Judge Kurt Pomrenke, to prison for the second time, this time for defrauding the government.

There was never any question whether the global coronavirus pandemic would be named the most important religion-news story of 2020. The question was which faith-driven COVID-19 story — out of a dozen or so — would top the Religion News Association’s Top 10 list.

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Under Trump there have been some rollbacks in civil rights protections for LGBTQ people that Biden is vowing to restore and expand. But that may prove complicated if Republican lawmakers and the Supreme Court, now with a solid conservative majority, endorse the arguments of religious conservatives that some of those protections infringe on religious liberty.

Four years ago, 11 months before the election, Republicans refused to have a hearing for President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court. Now, less than 30 days before the election, they are holding hearings for a new justice.

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