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To keep your routine running smoothly, set aside a day and a time (Sundays usually work great) to go through your pending tasks, update your calendar, check your goals and create a plan of action for the upcoming week.

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If you notice your energy levels fluctuating, it might be a sign that your routine isn’t working. Good routines are supposed to make your life easier, not more stressful. People change, especially in college. A routine that worked well during your freshman year might need some tweaking by the time sophomore year rolls around.

TikTok user @mindfulgoods shares a low waste dishwashing routine that involves a biodegradable sponge, a dishwashing soap block, and a wooden compostable dishwashing brush.

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To help you maintain balance as you age, make sure you incorporate balance training exercises into your workout routine. While balance exercises are good for all ages, they become particularly important the older you get since balance tends to diminish with age. Diminished balance could increase the risk for falls and fractures.

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes. Now is the time to get outside and get your exercise groove back on or to rid the pantry of junk food and pursue a healthier diet. With God’s help, we can overcome life’s struggles and difficulties.

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