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To help you maintain balance as you age, make sure you incorporate balance training exercises into your workout routine. While balance exercises are good for all ages, they become particularly important the older you get since balance tends to diminish with age. Diminished balance could increase the risk for falls and fractures.

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes. Now is the time to get outside and get your exercise groove back on or to rid the pantry of junk food and pursue a healthier diet. With God’s help, we can overcome life’s struggles and difficulties.

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Stretch goals are the icing on the cake. These are more than routine accomplishments, and the feeling of reaching these goals is even greater too. But this year, certain achievements may or may not be possible.

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"Mamma Mia" (2008) is the fastest delivery system for a dose of silly, sun-dappled joy. Drink in all the sun-drenched scenery of the Greek island where it was filmed, upon which some of our finest actors gyrate, hip thrust and lip-sync to the infectious tunes of Sweden's greatest export, ABBA. Phyllida Lloyd's movie musical is pure cinematic Pixy Stix, a sugar rush of corny jokes, bright costumes and musical numbers. Plus, Meryl Streep! Pierce Brosnan singing badly! A snorkel-based dance routine featuring a game Dominic Cooper! You need this serotonin! Watch it on Starz, or a $3.99 digital rental on all platforms.

We have sung about change is going to come and it did, but know this, our God will never change on His love for man and His creations. So much has happened, and I am sure much more is to come. But the word of the Lord will stand when the whole world is on fire.

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After Jerry Klein is promoted from his robotlike routine as a minter to managing director of a major New York City bank, he quickly discovers a company culture characterized by violations of federal law and a massive insider trading scandal. From here, he is forced to confront the reality of his career choice and decide if it’s worth it to risk it all for a shot at reaping the rewards of a multi-million dollar scheme.

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Create a consistent routine before a test, including getting plenty of rest the night prior to a test and eating a really good breakfast the day of. Breakfast should include plenty of protein to help with concentration. It’s also best to avoid sugary foods and drinks, as well as caffeine.

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Seifer and Williams also see a trend towards shortcut products, like refrigerated dough, frozen pizza crusts and pancake mixes.

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