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Virginia’s 60-day legislative session, which kicks off Wednesday in Richmond, will feature a power struggle between the new GOP-controlled House and Democratic-controlled Senate, the state’s first GOP governor in close to a decade, and the continued threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Trump is well-protected against the electability argument his Republican opponents would most like to make, and he stands apart from his would-be rivals in his indifference to anything but his own self-interest. These are political assets for him that have a good shot to endure.

In Virginia, in the Legislature, individual power derives from seniority; the longer one serves, the greater one’s influence. In contrast, governors really do come and go. This means that, for a governor, the opportunities to be productive — in the legacy sense — are fleeting.

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With the midterms less than a year away, both parties are scrambling to find an electoral strategy. Do Republican voters want Donald Trump to continue to play a role in their party? Experts explain how Donald Trump's presence impacts the GOP and how Republicans that are distancing themselves from Donald Trump might approach the elections. 

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To retake power, Democrats can’t count on Republicans misbehaving. Maybe that’s why Democrats toyed with misbehaving themselves. After their lives flashed before their eyes in November, Democrats considered returning to Richmond for a special session of the legislature.

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