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The coal industry has been criticized for hanging on to the past or resisting change. Instead, the members of the Metallurgical Coal Producers Association have charted a positive path forward that is gaining traction via efforts to attract renewable energy to “the coalfields.”

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” brushes off an inquiry with the dismissal: “Words, words, words.” Mike Pence and Kamala Harris spent a lot of time debating without explaining. A modern version of “Hamlet” might have the title character dismiss all this as “slogans, slogans, slogans.”

Sometimes there is nothing so dangerous — or exciting — in politics as the unexpected. For the 24 Democrats seeking their party’s nomination for president, the unexpected has just happened. It hasn’t come from any of the usual places that might spring a surprise — a scandal here, an overseas crisis there, or even the latest burst from President Trump’s Twitter account. Instead, it’s come from a group that once was the bedrock of Democratic victories but lately has found itself shunted aside. The union representing coal miners has invited the Democratic candidates to visit a coal mine.

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Here’s something unexpected: A group of four U.S. senators — two Democrats, two Republicans — have sponsored a study on how to rebuild the eco…

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On the Aug. 8 editorial page, under “our view” was a column by Alwyn Moss. The subject was climate change. By posting it as “our view,” I assu…

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