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Morgan Griffith

The HALT Fentanyl Act treats the problem of fentanyl seriously from a science-based perspective. We need this bill, and more bills and executive actions taking a similar approach, to turn the tide and prevent the tragic loss of more lives due to fentanyl.

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Morgan Griffith’s latest ill-timed letter on COVID vaccination arrived the same day as news that the omicron variant has been detected in Virginia. In his usual pandering to his MAGA base, Griffith pulls straws in an attempt to deflect the urgent need for all to be vaccinated.

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While I share Rep. Griffith’s concern for Americans being able to heat their homes and desire for domestic energy independence, (“We need to restore American energy independence”) I found myself disagreeing with his logic on how to reach those goals.

Over the past few months, I have heard clear opposition from many residents of Virginia’s 9th Congressional District to President Biden’s coronavirus vaccine mandates. I share this opposition and have expressed it before in this column.

When I opened Wednesday morning’s edition of the Bristol Herald Courier I saw the opinion(ated) piece by congressman Morgan Griffith. Apparently, he doesn’t know basic economics: You know, supply and demand?

COVID outbreaks rage on, spread largely among and by the unvaccinated, jamming hospitals, delaying recovery and creating chaos in schools and workplaces. But Congressman Morgan Griffith remains silent, choosing instead to champion the “rights” of the vaccine resisters.

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