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High School

Kids come packaged in different hues, genders, experiences and maturity levels — they aren’t one size fits all. The books should be available for those who can handle the material. Schools need to quit the book banning. Censorship’s main lesson is exclusion.

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To make the 100th anniversary of her hometown's Victorian festival a success, Cassie invites action movie star and former high school classmate Jake to play Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol."

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West Ridge High School began in 2014 as a nameless possibility: an option on the table as Sullivan County school leaders began exploring how to address declining student enrollment at the county’s four aging high schools. On Monday, when West Ridge finally opens to students, they’ll step inside the nearly finished product: a $75 million, 305,000-square-foot space offering dozens of advanced placement, career and technical education and college credit courses, two gyms, an innovative study lounge and, everywhere, natural light pouring in through its hundreds of windows. It’s the county’s first high school in more than 40 years.

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