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I support our city. I would love to see new jobs come to our city. I would love to see more funding for all our city departments. But a casino is not the answer.

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Her name was Gianna Maria Onore Bryant. The world, now and forever, knows her as Gigi. Her dad, Kobe Bryant, called her Mambacita. He was Mamba, of course, and she was going to be basketball’s female version of him.

ABINGDON, Va. Karen Sue Stacy, age 49, passed on Thursday, July 18, 2019, in Bristol Regional Medical Center. Karen was a former resident of G…

College seems expensive. The average graduate of the college where I teach, Emory & Henry, has about $27,000 in debt. That can take years to pay off, which is depressing when, with a bachelor’s degree, some still struggle to find a well-paying job. Of course, many factors affect that, one being geography: If you are committed to living far from any city, many good jobs are out of reach. So investing in college may not be worth it. But the average person with a bachelor’s degree will earn double what the average high school graduate earns — over their lifetime.

ABINGDON, Va. Alvena Casteel Davis, age 94, passed away at her home on Monday, March 25, 2019. The family will receive friends on Saturday, Ma…

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When we vote to elect our representatives, we assume our vote counts as much as the next person’s. Unfortunately, the politicians in power (this has been true for both parties) in Virginia have drawn the districts to reduce the power of voters who vote “the other way.”

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We will never be free of history. There will always be the echoes of whips, and tree branches scarred by ropes and the ghosts of bodies swaying in the air. America’s darkest chapters should haunt us all. They should also teach us about the cost of bigotry — the cost to our humanity, the cost to our souls.  But there will always be the echoes of small moments in our history, too. Such as an afternoon when a man, moved by a story, visited a family and — knowing the impact his visit would have, since he held the highest office in the land — told them that prejudice and hatred should not exist in America. We need to remember stories such as this, so that we can find our way back to who we are supposed to be.

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Some powerful corporations are more worried about their profits than our health, so, since taking office, the Trump administration has done all it could to reverse the gains of the EPA, and has convinced lots of working people that regulations are crippling our economy. Don’t fall for that. Companies can and do make good profits even when regulated by the EPA. The studies set in motion by President Bush have demonstrated that. Our health and the health of our children are greatly aided by the EPA. Our health and the health of others in our community are and always will be more important than short-term profits.

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