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The coronavirus mutates as it spreads and many new variants, including those with worrying genetic changes, often just die out. Scientists mon…

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Next year, we told ourselves while shivering through the alfresco meal with our pandemic pods, Thanksgiving will be back to normal. Big time. But while 2021 is definitely an improvement over 2020, this pandemic is not over. We are heading into a second COVID Thanksgiving.

COVID outbreaks rage on, spread largely among and by the unvaccinated, jamming hospitals, delaying recovery and creating chaos in schools and workplaces. But Congressman Morgan Griffith remains silent, choosing instead to champion the “rights” of the vaccine resisters.

Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles is now open for walk-in business, more than 18 months after COVID-19 caused the state to shut the doors. Why did it take so long, and require so much pressure to go back to even a three-day-a-week walk-in schedule?

For those who were already struggling with their mental health, the pandemic exacerbated those issues. Many people who have never struggled with their mental health are now facing new anxieties and stressors. Looking out for ourselves and others can help us feel less alone.

We need 80% herd immunity. We only need 9% more to either catch the bug or get vaxxed to get us past this crud. That can be either 625,000 more COVID cases or 625,000 more vaccinations. You (the unvaxed) can choose which you prefer. You will be the ones getting it, either way.

Ballad Health System’s COVID-19 inpatient census finally dipped below 300 this week — for the first time in over a month — but the decline has been much slower than the rise in cases during August and September.

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