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September 8, 1950 - August 26, 2020 MARION, Va. Mack Leslie Walls, 69, died on Wednesday, August 26, 2020. He was a beloved husband, father, g…

You probably see birds frequently — so much so that they may seem to be everywhere. The reality, of course, is that our subjective experience only goes so far. Researchers are releasing a new large-scale study that shows that bird populations in North America are undergoing massive and unsustainable declines — even species that experts previously thought were adapting to human-modified landscapes.

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Lorie Thomas Fleenor, 33, is the eighth generation of her family to farm the property at Magna Vista Farm. She and her husband Ben, 35, have been friends since childhood — he even used to help out at the old family farm when he was young. The Fleenors implemented their first conservation practices in 2011, and have worked hard to get grants and use that funding toward improving the land. As a result of their efforts, the couple was recently awarded the District and State Environmental Stewardship Award and the District Achievement Award for the Young Farmers and Ranchers of Tennessee.

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Ospreys, also known by the common name of "fish hawk," occur worldwide. Ospreys migrate through the region in spring and fall, making sightings more likely along some lakes and larger rivers. I see them even more often when I travel to South Carolina, where these medium-sized raptors are common along the coast and in wetlands.

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