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There has been speculation that there might be disruption, even violence on Election Day and following. Some claim that early mail-in ballots will be mishandled and may be fraudulent. I want to reassure citizens that this is not the case.

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Q: Tim, I was spending a lazy weekend afternoon gazing at countless photos of actual treehouses that one could live in. I was intrigued and am seriously thinking of building one. Mind you, I’m not talking about some little box kids might play in and use a clubhouse. I’m talking a real two-bedroom home with everything you’d have in a home that’s built on a typical foundation on the ground. What’s involved in making this happen? Is it foolhardy? Will the house get damaged in a windstorm? —Becky S., Rockfall, Conn.

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CLAIM: Video shows Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden at a campaign event in St. Louis, Missouri, endorsing Republican President Donald Trump, saying “we can only re-elect Donald Trump!”

Mixed clouds and sun will rule the skies this morning with scattered thunderstorms developing this afternoon. Today's high is near 80 degrees …

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