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It’s hard to believe that an ingredient now considered such a shining star in the firmament of fine dining was once simply discarded as a throwaway item when it appeared unwanted in fishing nets.

Grout is porous, making it tricky to keep clean. And because the grout lines between tiles are often slightly deeper than the surface, simply wiping down your tiled surface often isn’ t enough for tough stains or grime. On tile floors, crumbs, dirt and other debris can be left behind along the grout lines, even after sweeping.

After two years of high competition and fast-rising prices in residential real estate, the market is at last seeing signs of cooling off. While many buyers are starting to feel relief, younger buyers may continue to struggle: they might have less saved up to put toward a home, and they tend …

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is facing eight challengers in Alabama's Republican primary Tuesday, and the question is whether a hard swing to the right will help her avoid a runoff. Ivey has repeated former President Donald Trump's false claims about election theft in 2020, and she aired a commercial showing her pulling a pistol out of her purse. But challengers including former Trump ambassador Lindy Blanchard and Tim James accuse her of not being conservative enough. A runoff will be held June 21 if no one gets at least 50% of the vote. The eventual GOP nominee will face a longshot Democratic challenger in the general election.

Surges in COVID-19 cases are causing disruptions in many parts of the U.S., but as the school year wraps up and Americans prepare for their summer vacations, many people have returned to their pre-pandemic routines. Case counts are as high as they’ve been since mid-February, and those figures are likely a major undercount because of unreported positive home test results and asymptomatic infections. An influential modeling group at the University of Washington in Seattle estimates that only 13% of cases are being reported to U.S. health authorities. Yet vaccinations have stagnated and elected officials nationwide seem loath to impose new restrictions.

A man wanted in an apparently unprovoked fatal shooting aboard a New York City subway train is under arrest. The development Tuesday came hours after authorities posted Andrew Abdullah's name and photo on social media and implored the public to help find him. The 25-year-old is expected to face charges in the death of 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez. Enriquez was shot to death while heading to brunch Sunday morning. The fatal shooting came about six weeks after 10 people were wounded in an attack on another subway train.

Residents of Bakersfield are concerned for their health and safety after a state agency found that six idle oil wells near homes were leaking methane in the past several days. State and regional inspectors found concentrations of methane in the air around some of the wells at levels considered potentially explosive and environmental activists in the region are concerned about what other chemicals could be leaking from the wells. Uduak-Joe Ntuk, head of the California Geologic Energy Management division of the California Department of Conservation, the agency that confirmed that wells were leaking, said leaks were “minor in nature and do not pose an immediate threat to public health or safety.”

With boating season ramping up, it's a good time to talk about best practices for pet-friendly boating to ensure your little one is safe. Before hitting the lake, river or sea with your pet, it's important to plan ahead and always keep the best interests of your four-legged first mate in mind.

Misinformation in the pet food market abounds. To help determine fact from fiction, here's research on the most common misconceptions about pet food.

Misinformation in the pet food market abounds. To help determine fact from fiction, ManyPets researched 10 of the most common misconceptions around pet food.

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