Legal Notice

Route 19 Safety Improvements
Russell County
Find out about the proposed plans to improve safety along
a portion of Route 19 in Russell County near the intersection
of Route 80. The project includes improvements to the super
elevation, alignment, and width and will require temporary
lane restrictions on Route 19.
Review the project information at VDOT’s Bristol District Office
located at 2111 Bonham Road in Bristol, 276-669-6151,
1-800-FOR-ROAD, or TTY/TDD 711. Please call ahead to
ensure the availability of appropriate personnel to answer
your questions.
If your concerns cannot be satisfied, VDOT is willing to hold a
public hearing. You may request that a public hearing be held by
sending a written request to Mrs. Brandi Halloway, VDOT Project
Manager, 2111 Bonham Road, Bristol, Virginia on or prior to
June 8, 2023. If a request for a public hearing is received,
notice of date, time and place of the hearing will be posted.
VDOT ensures nondiscrimination and equal employment in all
programs and activities in accordance with Title VI and Title VII
of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information
in regard to your civil rights on this project or need special
assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English
proficiency, contact VDOT’s Civil Rights Division at
276-669-6151 or TDD/TTY 711.
State: 0019-083-988,P101,C501 Federal: NHPP-083-1(061) PE UPC: 119438
From: 0.687 mile west of intersection of Route 80 To: intersection of Route 80

1401 E BROAD ST ROOM 302, RICHMOND, VA 23219