Dear Friends and Fellow Voters,
I’m asking you to trust me with your vote on Thursday for the U.S. Congress.
I started washing dishes at our family restaurant, the Rainbow Corner, when I
was 8. It taught me to work and to serve others and that’s what I’ve been doing
ever since.
I earned my accounting and law degrees at U.T. Otherwise, I’ve chosen to live
here my whole life. This is the best place to live, work, worship and raise a family
that I know of. But there’s always room to improve and to make folks’ lives better.
In 2001, when Johnson City was struggling with 56 audit findings, a finance
department in shambles, and a sullied reputation, I answered the call and was
elected to the City Commission. After Reverend C.H. Charlton and I were
inaugurated in May of 2001, things turned around. The Tweetsie Trail, other
great projects, and job growth followed. My leadership is one of the main reasons
why. I’ve been a difference maker in everything I’ve ever done. I will put my
skills to work for you in Washington. Making relationships there to benefit us
here. Working with local officials and leaders to bring the power of the federal
government as an ally. Using my mediator training to create win-win outcomes
for your family and our country.
I’ve run a clean campaign. I’ve shared my vision and addressed the issues rather
than linking myself to someone else. These times call for leadership, problem
solving, trustworthiness and optimism. We are poised in the 1st Congressional
District of Tennessee to make tremendous progress with the right leader in
place. That’s me. Electing the wrong person means we either tread water or go
backward. It’s fair to question the motives of those who have poured hundreds
of thousands and millions of dollars of their own money toward buying the seat.
We should be equally worried about hundreds of thousands of dark money from
a super PAC on behalf of its handpicked candidate. I’m proud that the money
I have raised, ranging from a $7 contribution, has come almost entirely from
individuals in our Congressional District.
I’m the only candidate who combines small business ownership with local elected
service. I’m not a career politician and will never become one. I’ve met payrolls
and created benefit packages as a small business owner and balanced 10 budgets
as a government leader. There are many other Darden Differences. Let’s send
a professional to do a complicated job, someone who is prepared to serve and
passionate about our promising future. I’m asking for your vote so that I can
be a Congressman for everyone, not the special interests.
Thank you, and may God bless you and yours.

Steve Darden

Paid for by Steve Darden For Congress. Bill Argabrite, Treasurer

Steve Darden, A Representative For Us All



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