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Voted #1 - Best Hearing Center 2021 dayof trial with no obligation. in30 Best Bristol Awards Special Health Bulletin A study conducted at John’s Hopkins found that even a mild hearing loss can double the risk sk factor of dementia, potentially leading to Alzheimer’s. Moderate loss tripled risk, and people with a severe hearing impairment were five times more likely to develop dementia. A follow up study indicates those with hearing loss have accelerated brain atrophy or shrinkage which may be linked to balance problems and falls, problems with short term memory, and difficulty processing some speech. Hearing loss has also been linked with cardiovascular problems, diabetes, depression, and social isolation. April 5 through April 9 TH TH Your are invited to a special Open House Event. We We areare offering a Comprehensive offering a ComprehensiveHearing HearingEvaluation Evaluation inincluding multiple teststotoevaluate evaluatehearing hearing loss loss amd speech cluding multiple tests speech identification.IfIfyou youhear hear but but do do not not always identification. always understand, understand,itsits importanttotobe beevaluated evaluated before before the the loss important loss becomes becomessevere, severe, which may contribute to other health problems. Using a video which may contribute to other health problems. Using a video otoscope, our specialist Dr Heather Kistner, AUD will examine otoscope, specialist will optic examine yourtoear canalforusing your ear our canal using a fiber camera inspect wax a fiber optic camera to inspect forblockage. wax and physical blockage. and physical 1000 $ $ OFF Free set of hearing aids *Off Manufacturers list DREAM HEARING AID With Real Time Processing. The first hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid Call FREE Hearing Call Now Now for for aa Free Hearing Evaluation through February 12th. Evaluation through April 9th. 2725 West State Sr., Bristol, TN 423-764-5411 423-764-5411 423-239-5361 423-282-4327 423-787-7817 423-440-3433

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