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Summertime Grillin’ Chillin’ Savings & 85% Lean Fresh Ground Round 4.98 Ground Fresh Daily 9 Lea 3% Groun Fresh nd B eef 3.98lb Asst. V ar. Hor Lloydmel’s ’s BBQ 1 GRILL ‘EM U P! 5 to 16 Fresh Bon ele Chicken ss Tenders 5.98 Oz. Pk g. B Meat ar S Fran GREAT ANYT IME Assorted Va rieties 12 Oz. Pkg. 5/$ ks GREAT ON THE Flanders Frozen Beef Patties BIG 4 Lb. Box Ass Jimmt. Var. Slicedy Dean Bacon 3.49 GRILL Boneless Ce Cut Pork Chnter ops 6 Oz. Pkg. 3.98 1.68 ROAST 98 Preferred A n Boneless Begus Rump Roasef t 28 Oz. O Mayescar rS Bolog liced na GREAT BUY ¢ 2/$ Assorted V arieties Edy’s Ice C rea Tray Pa Lb. ck 3.98 Assorted Varieties Benson Deli Fresh Pound Cakes Lb. ChickFeresh n Thigh or Drum stickss 2/$ 48 Oz. Ctn . Lb. Lb. Pk g. m 5 5 Hot House Grown Red Ripe on the Vine Tomatoes Plump Ripe Blueberries 5 2/$ Pint Ctn. US #1 Idaho Russet Potatoes 15 Oz. Can 1 2/$ Bulls Eye Original B.B.Q. Sauce 18 Oz. Btl. 1.28 Farm Fresh Best Price Fresh Cut Quarter Watermelon 78 5 Lb. Bag lb SIZZLING SUMMER SAVINGS On Sale All Locations Except Duffield Assorted Varieties Plain or Self-Rising Pepsi-Cola & Related Products White Lily Flour 6 Pk., 16.9 Oz. Btl. 5 10 2/$ 5 Lb. Bag 4/$ Assorted Varieties Liquid, Pods, 2X That’s Smart 2-Ply Bath Tissue Tide Laundry Detergent 3.98 5.98 Fresh Crisp Broccoli Crowns Assorted Varieties 1.48 ¢ lb 11 to 12 Oz. Bag lb DELI/BAKERY FAVORITES Sliced to Order Kretschmar All Beef Bologna 5.99 lb Our Top Seller - It’s Good! Made Fresh Daily Grandma’s Recipe Signature Cole Slaw  FOOD COUNTRY USA STARS OF THE WEEK  2.99 lb Family Pack Picinic Favorite Assorted Varieties Food Club Mayo 30 Oz. Jar SALE PRICE FINAL PRICE 2 3 2/$ 2/$ -1.00 OFF 2 Digital Coupon OFF 2 Digital Coupon OFF 2 5 SALE PRICE 4 98 OFF 2 Digital Coupon Assorted Varieties Kool-Aid Kool-Aid Jammers 10 Ct. Pkg. SALE PRICE Digital Coupon 3 98 -1.00 OFF 2 Digital Coupon PRICES EFFECTIVE JUNE 2 - JUNE 8, 2021 WED 6/2 THUR 6/3 FRI 6/4 SAT 6/5 FINAL PRICE 4 5 2/$ 2/$ FINAL PRICE -1.00 $ 5 -1.00 Hot Pockets $ FINAL PRICE 6 2/$ 21.25 to 22.5 Oz. FINAL PRICE Ft. Chiswell, Abingdon - Main St., Abingdon - Hwy. 19, Glade Spring, Saltville, New Castle, Rural Retreat, Duffield, VA, Mountain City, Mosheim, TN SALE PRICE 2/$ Assorted Varieties Family Size 6 2/$ Digital Coupon 4 -2.00 16 to 32 Oz. -1.00 16 Oz. 6 2/$ Ore-Ida Frozen Fries SALE PRICE Morning Fresh Butter FINAL PRICE SALE PRICE 2/$ Assorted Varieties 2/$ Salted & Unsalted Oreo Cookies 12.2 to 20.6 Oz. SUN 6/6 MON 6/7 TUES 6/8 Scan this for quick access 8 Inch Deli Fresh Strawberry Shortcake 5.98 Save $1 Lb. - Special This Week Perdue Grade A Deli Chicken Tenders 6.99lb Or visit us at ¢ Eight O’Clock Ground Coffee NO MSG, NO NITRITES OR GLUTEN 12 Double Rolls 15 Ct. to 46 Oz. No Waste 68 5 2/$ 3.98 Van Camp’s Pork and Beans FARM TO TABLE FAVORITES Fresh Sweet 4.98 Sweet Plump Fresh Blackberries 12 Oz. Pkg. Family Pac k 2.50 Friday - Sunday June 4th, 5th, 6th Regular or Beef & Onion Lb. 19.6 Oz. ANGUS BEE F Tray Pa ck 3.49 5 Pepperidge Farms Froze n Layer Caker BIG 5.99 Lb. 1.99Lb . Tray Pack Lb. 2 of Roll Sides, Choic or Cor nbread e Only Fre Bonelsh ess S Chickkinless en Bre ast GRILL ‘EM UP! 3.98 Preferred A ngus Boneless To p Sirloin Steak Try Ou Hot Ba r Deli r Mea l! 1 Mea t, We reserve the right to limit quantities and correct typographical and photographic errors. None sold to resale. 3.98 Assorted Varieties Palermos Premium Pizza 14.2 to 16.55 Oz. 10 3/$ Pet Assorted or Banana Pops 12 Ct. Pkg. 3 2/$ Food Club Wild Caught Pink Salmon 14.75 Oz. Can 2.75 Food Club Squeeze Mustard BIG 20 Oz. Btl. 75 ¢ Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna 66¢ 5 Oz. Can

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