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Fantastic Fall Savings Try Ou Hot Ba r Deli r Mea l! 1 Mea t, 2 of Roll Sides, Choic or Cor nbread e Only 5.99 Pref erred A Bone ngus Sirlo less Top in St eak Tender T-Bone Steak 5.98 The King of Steaks GROUND F Ass 80 Grou % Lean nd Famil Chuc k y Pac RESH IN ST ORE 75% Lean F r Ground Beeesh f 8.98lb HORMEL’S Regular or 3.68 T BEST 5/$ 12 Oz. Pkg. 4.98 Family Pac k 5 Full Lb. Pkg . Lb. FRESH FROZ EN Reg. or Du tch Apple Angu Fresh s Rum Boneles p Ro ast s 4.98 Sara Lee F Frozen Ap resh ple Pie 3.98 2.49 Land ‘O’ Fr Shaved Lu ost Deli nch Meat 2/$ Full Lb . Pkg. 2/$ 4 5 5 Fresh Bone In Pork Loin End Roast Hor Centemel Pork Cr Cut hops T. VARIETIES SALE PRICE 3 $ 3.98 ies Lb. On Sale 2 -1.00 $ Digital C oupon 9 Oz. Pkg. 5 2/$ 5 Lb. Bag Sweet Yellow Onions Peak of the Season On Sale Lb. Bag 88 25 to 32 O z. Bag 4 2/$ 3 Lb. Bag Peak of the Season 1.98 3.98 lb MORE SUPER DEALS AT FOOD COUNTRY USA On Sale All Locations Assorted Varieties Pet or Turkey Hill Ice Cream Save $2.30 Frito-Lay Variety Pack Snacks Coca-Cola & Related Products 6 Pk., 16.9 Oz. Btl. 10 7.99 48 Oz. Ctn. BIG 18 Ct. Pkg. 4/$ 2.98 Assorted Varieties Assorted Varieties American, 2% & Melts 14.2 to 16.55 Oz. 6 Ct. Pkg. 12 Oz. Pkg. Mar’s Candy Bars Palermo’s Frozen Pizza Borden Cheese Singles 5 4.98 5 5/$ 2/$  FOOD COUNTRY USA STARS OF THE WEEK  Assorted Varieties Campbell’s Chunky Soup FINAL PRICE SALE PRICE .98 -.30 3 4 2/$ -1.00 2/$ OFF 2 Digital Coupon Digital Coupon 6 Rolls 4 $ 98 -1.00 Digital Coupon 68¢ 12 to 14 Oz. Box FINAL PRICE 3 $ 98 Ft. Chiswell, Abingdon - Main St., Abingdon - Hwy. 19, Glade Spring, Saltville, New Castle, Rural Retreat, Duffield, VA, Mountain City, Mosheim, TN 10 to 13.8 Oz. Box FINAL PRICE SALE PRICE 5 2/$ SALE PRICE 125 $ -.30 Digital Coupon Digital Coupon 9/8 THUR Dean’s Dips BIG 16 Oz. Cont. 9/9 ¢ 95 9/10 9/11 FINAL PRICE 8 10 10/$ 10/$ -2.00 OFF 10 Digital Coupon SUN 9/12 MON 9/13 TUES 9/14 Cleaned & Shucked 2.98 1.50 Steak-umms Sliced Steaks Shucked & Cleaned 5 Ct. Pkg. DELI/BAKERY FAVORITES 9 Oz. Pkg. 2.00 Assorted Varieties Fresh Baked Deli Cookies Our Secret Breading is Great! Perdue Grade A Deli Chicken Tenders 12 Ct. Pkg. 2.75 6.99lb Fresh Bread Assorted Varieties Assorted Varieties Morning Fresh Farms Yogurt Deli/Bakery Fresh French Bread 24 Oz. Loaf 1.99 5.3 to 6 Oz. 30 Sliced to Order Kretschmar Premium Deli Mild Cheddar Cheese 6.99 Assorted Varieties lb AGED WISCONSIN CHEESE Our #1 Seller - Try It! Made Fresh Daily Deli Grape/ Pecan Chicken Salad 6.99 lb Scan this for quick access Kretschmar Premium Deli Chicken Breast 7.99 ¢ Chex Snack Mix 7 to 7.5 Oz. Bag 1.25 Arby’s Curly Fries & Nathan’s Onion Rings Delicious And All Natural Oven Roasted & Buffalo 4.85 to 11.88 Oz. SALE PRICE SAT 4 2/$ 98 Assorted Varieties FINAL PRICE FRI FINAL PRICE Banquet Entrees PRICES EFFECTIVE SEPT. 8-14, 2021 WED 98 -1.00 Food Club Deluxe Mac/Cheese & Shells/Cheddar Simply Done Paper Towels SALE PRICE Keebler Townhouse Crackers 20 Oz. Btl. 18.6 to 19 Oz. Can SALE PRICE Assorted Varieties Hunt’s Squeeze Ketchup ¢ Assorted Varieties Fresh Y Yellow, ellow, White or Bi-Color Corn 10 Oz. Cont. Lb. Healthy Baby Peeled Carrots 98 Sweet Plump 1st Grade Blueberries, Raspberries & Blackberries Red & White California #1 Seedless Grapes 1.29 FINAL PRIC E 98 FARMER’S FINEST FRESH PRODUCE US #1 Russet Potatoes Lb. Box 5/$ ggets & Patt Tyson Froz en Chicken That’s Smart Saltine Crackers ack LOTS OF ASS Tenders, Nu Assorted Varieties Lb. Trayy P 3.98 Oscar Var. Stack Mayer Lunch Pack Meat 2.00 Ho Branduse Chicke Fresh n Brea st E LIN Asst. OR ANY TIM E All Varietie s 1.50 BIG 15 to 16 Oz. Btl. Lb. LUNCH TIME 30 Oz. Jar Wishbone Salad Dressing E! Fresh Sprin g Farms Graer Mtn. Chicken Te de A Thin Chick nders & en Breast BIG 34 Oz. Assorted Varieties Food Club Real Mayonnaise Assorted Varieties TOP OF TH Lb. Friday - Sunday Sept. 10th, 11th & 12th Bar St. Var. M Frank eat s Hormel Blachick Cut kL Sliced Baconabel k Lb. 2.98 Lb. 16 to 22 Oz. Bag lb NO MSG, NO NITRITES OR GLUTEN 2.50 Or visit us at We reserve the right to limit quantities and correct typographical and photographic errors. None sold to resale.

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