sullivan county
ETSU is a major force in the
economy of the Appalachian
Highlands. Thousands of ETSU
alumni remain in the region,
contributing to the growth and
development of our
communities. ETSU elevates
the Appalachian Highlands.

• 12,523 residents of Sullivan County
are ETSU alumni.
• In 2020, ETSU had its highest
graduation rate ever, and of the Class
of 2019 graduates, 87% are employed,
continuing their education, serving in
the military, or volunteering.
• During the 2020-21 academic year,
84% of undergraduate students
received some type of financial
assistance. And, nearly half of ETSU
students graduate with no debt.
• Of the 14,000-plus students at ETSU,
1,856 are from Sullivan County.
• ETSU is the 5th largest employer in the
Appalachian Highlands.
• ETSU’s retention rate of first-time,
full-time fr
eshmen in fall 2
020 was
the highest e

Austin Ramsey’s world revolves around “crushing boxes.” He uses this analogy often when engaging with
clients for his consulting business, Pointech, and to define his leadership philosophy. Obviously, Austin is
doing more than programming his way through the information systems curriculum at ETSU. He says each
opportunity to lead, learn and grow is a building block toward new experiences and even bigger
opportunities, like being named an inaugural Appalachian Highlands Twenty Under 20 award recipient and
the youngest person to receive the Forty Under 40 recognition from The Business Journal.


“When you build a business, you put all this time and effort into it, so I was truly honored and consider
these awards confirmations that I am on the right path. Now I can continue to ‘crush new boxes’ and grow
and hopefully launch another business at some point,” Austin said.


now i can continue to ‘crush new boxes.’

During his senior year at Sullivan Central High School in Blountville, Austin was nominated and selected for
ETSU’s Roan Scholars Leadership Program Class of 2021. As a young entrepreneur, Austin often seeks the
wisdom of business owner and Roan founder Mr. Louie Gump. He says this connection confirmed he was
“in the right place” at ETSU.

Austin Ramsey

From lemonade stand to DJ business, providing droneography services and aerial consulting and now
offering technology solutions for businesses, Austin is already putting his minor in business management
to use. As “Chief Box Crusher” and founder of Pointech, Austin works with regional business owners to
“crush the IT box.” IT infrastructure and security assessment is in high demand this year as the business
world has experienced an unexpected shift to remote work.

Austin served as senator in the Student Government Association and was selected to represent students
on the ETSU Board of Trustees. He is also actively involved in ETSU’s Entrepreneurs Club and as a member
of the National 4-H GIS Leadership Team he conducted award-winning geospatial research using GIS to
map sets of health data.


Offering qualified students financial assistance Plus more!

ETSU Promise Plus is an exciting new program at East Tennessee State University for first-time, full-time
freshmen eligible for the Tennessee Education Lottery (HOPE) Scholarship and the maximum Pell Grant.
Unlike any other promise scholarships available to Tennessee residents, ETSU Promise Plus provides
last-dollar assistance covering tuition and program service fees, Plus more.



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