I told her, “Never Again!” COVID-19 has taught us a lot of things. . . Over the last six months, I have been managing life like the rest of the country - working from home, wearing a mask to the grocery store, and praying that no one in our family gets sick. However, the added stress of worrying about Mom living alone put me over the edge. All the little things I used to do for her: picking up her medications, taking her groceries or out to lunch, would now put her at risk. Things became cumbersome to manage over the phone. I have lost sleep and worry day and night. • How would she safely get groceries? • Was she able to manage her medications and navigate new telemedicine appointments? • What if she had a fall? Or got sick? Would she tell me? • Should she move in with us? Do we have enough room? COVID-19 is teaching us all how precious life is and how difficult it is to be apart. In addition, it taught me that I cannot provide the support Mom needs by myself. I need to know no matter what was happening in the outside world, she would not be alone. As our state began the process of reopening, I told her, “Never again!” I couldn’t imagine going through this worry and uncertainty should we experience another wave of infections or if bad weather hit. We moved her to a lovely suite at Commonwealth Senior Living as soon as we could get the paperwork together. At Commonwealth, she enjoys an award-winning dining program, housekeeping, activities, friends, and a 24-hour team who assists with her medication. I rest easy knowing that no matter what comes in the days ahead, she’ll be safe and cared for every day. If you worried about your parents during this crisis and want more information about how to prepare for senior living, call us to receive our complimentary guide, “Is it Safe to Move Now?” 276-451-7749 Commonwealth SENIOR LIVING at ABINGDON Welcome Home Independent Living Plus, Assisted Living & Memory Care 860 Wolf Creek Trail, Abingdon

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