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This is our shot Put your best arm forward and protect the Appalachian Highlands from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and now widely available throughout the Appalachian Highlands. Getting your COVID-19 shot doesn’t just protect you from the virus – it helps keep those around you safe and healthy, too. TN Vaccines are now available to everyone 16 and older in both Tennessee and Virginia. VA Researchers took no safety shortcuts. Large studies show the vaccine is safe. And, to dispel a common myth, it’s impossible for the vaccine to change your DNA. Studies suggest COVID-19 vaccines are at least 95% prevention of virus transmission. Our schedule this week: Johnson City Community Vaccination Center Monday–Friday, 2–7 p.m. Kingsport Community Vaccination Center Monday–Thursday, 2–7 p.m. Friday, 8 a.m–noon Abingdon Community Vaccination Center Tuesday and Thursday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Norton Community Vaccination Center Thursday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Schedule your appointment at one of our community vaccination centers today. I was vaccinated as soon as I was eligible to ensure I was protected against COVID-19 and to protect my family and my community. Vaccination is critical to prevent disease spread. Especially with the fact that this disease impacts all ages of individuals and there is no way to know who will have an asymptomatic case, a mild case, a critical illness or death. It isn’t worth the risk when a vaccine exists to prevent serious illness and death. I hope everyone who is eligible receives the vaccine to protect themselves and those who are not able to get the vaccine. Lisa Smithgall Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive Please visit or call 833.8.BALLAD to make an appointment or learn more.

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