Details for Notice Of Invitation For Bids


NOTICE OF INVITATION FOR BIDS Sealed bids are invited for: Department of Conservation & Recreation Wilderness Road State Park, Ewing, VA Visitor's Center HVAC System Replacement DCR Project#: 199-16646 (A95) DEB Project#: 199-B1199-001 Scope: Replacement of Water Source Heat Pump system with a Variable Refrigerant Flow System in the Visitor's Center Bid Deadline: 2:00 PM, March 23, 2021 Bids will be received at Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, 600 E. Main St., 24th Fl., Richmond, VA 23219 Bids will be opened publicly and read aloud beginning 2:00 PM, March 24, 2021, same location eVA Registration Required Bid Bond Required: YES Pre-Bid Conference: 10:00 AM, Wednesday, March 3, 2021 Wilderness Road State Park Visitor's Center Attendance is Mandatory. Withdrawal of Bid due to error: Procedures per Section 9 of the Instructions to Bidders and §2.2-4330, Code of Virginia Invitation for Bids, including plans and specifications, are available from: Simmons, Rockecharlie and Prince, Inc., 8416 Glazebrook Ave., Richmond, VA 23228, Phone 804-262-7323; Tom Rockecharlie,


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