Details for Advertisement For Bids


ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Separate sealed bids for the Marion Water Line Replacement Project Phase 4 Contract 2 Park Boulevard Line 100 Water Line replacement "Labor & Equipment" will be received by Mr. William T. Rush III, Town Manager, at the Town Municipal Building, 138 West Main Street, PO Box 1005, Marion, VA 24354 until 2:00 PM March 23, 2021. The project is located within the Town of Marion and is generally described as: 2,580 ft. of 2-inch diameter water lines, gate valves and related appurtenances. Water Line Materials are furnished by the Town. Bid must be accompanied by Bid security made payable to OWNER in an amount of 5% of Bidder's Bid price and in the form of a certified or bank check or a Bid Bond. A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on March 4, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. in the council chambers at the Town Municipal Building. The Contract Documents may be examined at the following locations: Town Municipal Building, 138 West Main Street, Marion, VA AGC, 249 Neal Drive, Blountville, TN Valley Construction News, 426 Campbell Ave, Roanoke VA Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained at the Town Hall office located at 138 West Main Street, Marion, VA 24210, Ph. 276.783.4113, upon payment of $25.00 for each set. Digital copies of the Contract Documents are also available on CD for $15. No refund will be issued. Upon request and receipt of the document fee above, the Issuing Office will transmit the Bidding Documents via delivery service. The procedure for withdrawal of bid shall be according to provision "(i)" contained in 11-54, Code of Virginia as amended. The bidder shall place on the outside of the envelope containing the bid and shall place in the bid over his signature whichever of the following notations is appropriate: "Licensed Class A Virginia Contractor No. " "Licensed Class B Virginia Contractor No. " Any BIDDER must give notice in writing of his claim of right to withdraw his Bid within two business days after the conclusion of the Bid Opening Procedure. If a Bid is withdrawn, the next higher bidder shall be deemed to be the Low Bidder. No Bid may be withdrawn unless said withdrawal is permitted by law. Bidders must comply with the minimum wage requirements of the Davis Bacon Act when completing the work. MBE/WBE firms are encouraged to submit bids. Bidders must comply with the following: President's Executive Order # 11246 prohibiting discrimination in employment regarding race, color, creed, sex, or national origin; President's Executive Orders # 12138 and 11625 regarding utilization of MBE/WBE firms; Civil Rights Act of 1964; and Section 436 of P. L. 113-76, American Iron and Steel. Bidders must certify that they do not or will not maintain or provide for their employees any facilities that are segregated on the basis of race, color, creed, or national origin. The OWNER reserves the right to waive irregularities and to reject any and all BIDS if it appears in the OWNER'S best interest to do so. The ENGINEER is Jeffrey Spickard P.E at Town of Marion. The ENGINEER'S address is P.O. Box 1005 Marion, VA. Town of Marion PO Box 1005, Marion, VA 24354; Ph. 276.783.4113 Mr. William T. Rush III, Town Manager (Owner)


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