Details for Order of Publication


VIRGINIA IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY BEVERLY BROWN JONES CAROL D. BROWN DEBORAH MANNING CAROLYN LEIGH BROWN ROMERO Plaintiff vs. Case#: 20-1986 HEIRS OF HARRIET BOYD, deceased HEIRS OF WASHINGTON BOYD, deceased, HEIRS OF SAMUEL BOYD, deceased, HEIRS OF LAVINIA BOYD, deceased, HEIRS OF ALBERT BOYD, deceased, and HEIRS OF MILES BOYD, deceased, HEIRS OF CHARLES W. BOYD, deceased and any other unknown parties Defendants ORDER OF PUBLICATION The object of the above, styled suit is to quiet title by adverse possession for property located in Washington County, Virginia, known as the Susan Boyd lot, being Lot 9, being a 1/4 acre, in the King's Mountain section of the Town of Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia, having tax map#: 013-8-9, which parcel is described in Deed Book 30, page 354 in the Office of the Circuit Court of Washington County, Virginia. And, it appearing by affidavit filed according to law that the HEIRS OF HARRIET BOYD, HEIRS OF WASHINGTON BOYD, HEIRS OF SAMUEL BOYD, HEIRS OF LAVINIA BOYD, HEIRS OF ALBERT BOYD, HEIRS OF MILES BOYD, HEIRS OF CHARLES W. BOYD, all deceased, are unknown; therefore, it is ORDERED that any of these parties, or their heirs/beneficiaries, or any other unknown parties, who claim an interest in the above, described property appear in person or by writing on or before the 15th day of June, 2021, in the Clerk's Office of this Court and do what is necessary to protect his/her interests. The Court's mailing address is 189 E. Main Street, Abingdon, Virginia 24210, and the phone is (276)676-6224. And, it is further ORDERED that this Order be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Washington County News, a newspaper of general circulation in the County of Washington, Virginia; and that a copy of this Order be posted at the front door of the courthouse wherein this Court is held. ENTER this 31st day of day of March, 2021. Sage B. Johnson Circuit Court Judge PATRICIA MOORE, Clerk Jamie Wright______________ By: Deputy Clerk Requested: _________________________ BRIAN M. ELY, VSB#: 37370 ELY LAW GROUP, a Professional Corporation 597 E. Main Street Abingdon, Va. 24210 (276)628-1119 VSB#: 37370 Counsel for Petitioner


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